The Vacuum

the vacuum

The place of nothingness, where no productivity exists, a place of emptiness, the absence of something……a void in life. The Vacuum is a place we all know so well, why?, because we’ve all been to such a place and have shared in the fountain of emotions that grace this place of nothingness.

And we are not referring to the kind of emotions that make you dance, leap and want to kiss or hug someone. No, those emotions that drain the joyful fire in you…emotions that reduce your flames of passion to dying flickers. Have you had one of those moments? When nothing seems to work, when every positive effort you try is met with a slap of non-productiveness?

Unless you were born yesterday you definitely have had a taste of the vacuum. Inside the vacuum you feel alone, you look around and there is no one to go through it with you. You stretch your arms around and all you can reach for is thin empty, desolate air. No one has their arm stretched wide open to pull you out from the vacuum….from your unproductive state.

There are different kinds of vacuums in life; Financial vacuums happen when you find yourself dead broke. Perhaps your pay got delayed or you aren’t expecting any pay at all. You scroll through your precious phonebook and you cannot get a hold of any prospective lender. Your financial vacuum shuts you inside and keeps you away from the many dollar signs that hover past you. It’s the moment when your precious ‘friends’ don’t call anymore, avoid you like a plague or seem to be having sudden and never ending commitments that give them less time for you. The Financial vacuum.

Then the Emotional vacuum. Truth be told the Financial vacuum feels much better than the emotional vacuum; my opinion of course. But it hurts a lot when you cannot find the affection you are looking for. When the person you valued the most in life breaks your heart, with no feelings whatsoever and doesn’t care to come back and apologize. Or when your own family don’t seem to notice you, don’t have the time for you and when they do it’s not the love treatment they dish out; and that you expect. If you have lost a dear one in your childhood there must be this space they left in your heart all these years. The emotional vacuum you have been trying to fill with all kinds of stuff; women, men, money, drugs, alcohol, spending, pornography… it. The emotional vacuum.

If it’s not our finances or our emotions, then it is our dreams and goals; let’s call it the Dream vacuum. How do you recognize the dream vacuum? When the line ‘When I grow up I want to be a…..’ doesn’t exist in your vocabulary anymore. When you used to envision yourself as a doctor, astronaut, architect, physician and so on. When you examine your life and all you see are the broken relationships, uncountable financial debts, untold procrastinations, dozens of bucket lists written and tossed into the bin every year. Have you had so many New Year resolutions? How many of them have you fulfilled? Did you see yourself reaching a certain level of success in a marked year? Where are you now? What happened? What is/was holding you back? The dream vacuum.

Why so many vacuums in life just to mention a few? Why do we always end up in this state of nothingness?  The place of unfulfilled dreams and despicable emotional torture? How come the efforts we make sometimes don’t get us anywhere?

There are so many unanswered questions and so much steam to vent out. But I know one thing, when your dear friend, loving husband/wife, caring fiancee, protective dad or mum cannot follow you to the vacuum, one person can. They call him the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Son of Man…Jesus Christ. He is also Emmanuel, for he is ‘God with us’ and follows us into the vacuum where others cant.

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